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Collin County Homeless Count

Something to think about today:

This year, on January 22, teams of volunteers, including myself, fanned out across Collin County to perform a homeless count, a requirement by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Although the mission was to collect data, it always evolves into providing assistance for people in tremendous need.

That night was cold and damp. Although it was about 40 degrees, the wind and the rain made it feel worse. So, one might expect to find nobody living outside. That, however, was far from fact.

Here are some brief results just released by the team in the “Annual Homeless Census Report of 2015:”

  • 367 people were found living outside or in a car, nearly one-third of them children
  • Over half of the adults were women, many escaping abuse
  • 45% of the adults were black, 42% were white.
  • Nearly 70% of the adults were unmarried
  • 40% had a high school diploma. 12% has a bachelors’ or master’s degree. Another 7% had an associate’s degree.
  • 56% were employed but didn’t earn enough money to afford renting an apartment
  • The five biggest needs: housing, education, healthcare, dental care and food
  • The school district found an additional 1,578 students experiencing homelessness, 360 in Plano.

Think about this today!

Rick Grady Campaign, Phil Dyer Treasurer
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