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Plano Legislative Days in Austin

I just returned from Austin, Texas where I participated with the delegation from the Plano Chamber of Commerce addressing concerns of our citizens and businesses.

We stressed to the law makers our support of local control and opposed any legislation that would erode or diminish home rule authority and local control.

We supported continued incentives and programs that encourage the recruitment of businesses to the state and to the North Texas region.

We supported bills that keep education as the main driver for workforce development and readiness, and supported junior colleges’ abilities to offer specific baccalaureate degrees.

We supported our retailers by opposing a bill that would prohibit retailers from selling televisions or computers unless they also disposed of the consumers’ old televisions or computers, and for free.

We supported bills to improve transportation infrastructure in our area and opposed legislation that would eliminate mass transit rail systems, like DART, from accessing federal funds for expansion, improvement or maintenance.

We opposed the creation of an advisory committee of legislators to oversee all transportation projects, and a requirement to gain State Attorney General approval for any municipal ordinance change.

We supported bills that would allow more rapid building of future water reservoirs.

In short, it was time very well spent and I look forward to continuous discussions during the legislative session.

Rick Grady Campaign, Phil Dyer Treasurer
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