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I am extremely pleased to receive the endorsement of the Plano Firefighters Association IAFF Local #2149.


— Plano Firefighters Association

Today I officially received another endorsement. The Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee (TREPAC) is a voluntary, nonprofit group of Texas REALTORS® and others interested in protecting the free rights of property ownership. TREPAC supports candidates for federal, state, and local office who demonstrate their support for the preservation of private property rights and the real estate profession.



— TREPAC Endorsement
Taylor Allen
Mary Elizabeth
Emily Hays
Randy Sinclair
Warren Casteel
Pat Evans
Todd Mark
Gail Stevens
Mary Davis
Frederic Frawley
Susan Miller
Karen Williams
Jayson Derosa
Kris Gillard
Jennifer Moore
Sherry Williams
Phil Dyer
Sydney Harris
Florence Schapiro

Rick Grady Campaign, Phil Dyer Treasurer
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